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Photo:365. HLJ2 Defiance By Jim SurkampPhoto:366. HLJ2 The Lost Cause by Henry Mosler By Jim SurkampPhoto:367. HLJ2 The Thankful Poor By Jim SurkampPhoto:367a. HLJ2 Seven Bends in the river By Jim Surkamp
Photo:368. HLJ2 A New Field By Jim SurkampPhoto:369. HLJ2 HLJ By Jim SurkampPhoto:357. HLJ2 Black man reading newspaper by candlelight By Jim SurkampPhoto:358. HLJ2 Whipped back photo by Mathew Brady By Jim Surkamp
Photo:360. HLJ2 Mural of the Battle of Westport By Jim SurkampPhoto:359. HLJ2 Edwin Forbes Civil War Etchings The Sanctuary By Jim SurkampPhoto:361. HLJ2 Soldiers in Battle By Jim SurkampPhoto:362. HLJ2 Soldiers in Battle By Jim Surkamp
Photo:363.HLJ2 Soldiers in Battle By Jim SurkampPhoto:364. HLJ2 The Burning of Bedford By Jim SurkampPhoto:351. HLJ2 Fishermen at Saint Ives by Anders Zorn By Jim SurkampPhoto:352a. HLJ2 google map September 17 1862 By Jim Surkamp
Photo:352b. HLJ2 google map Sharpsburg Maryland By Jim SurkampPhoto:353. HLJ2 23,000 casualties in one day By Jim SurkampPhoto:352c. HLJ2 google map Sunken Lane mid-day battle By Jim SurkampPhoto:356c. HLJ2 Abraham Lincoln By Jim Surkamp
Photo:356b. HLJ2 forever free By Jim SurkampPhoto:356a. HLJ2 EP beginning By Jim SurkampPhoto:355. HLJ2 Lincoln writing the emancipation By Jim SurkampPhoto:354. HLJ2 My favorite CivilWar photo aotw By Jim Surkamp
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名前 La source ANN
フリガナ ラ スース アン
住所 愛知県名古屋市中区丸の内3-5-27
電話番号 052-950-0280
最寄り駅 名古屋市営桜通線/名古屋市営名城線久屋大通駅
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